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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People Passing

I’ve had a few people in my life who have moved onto the other side. Most recently (yesterday) one that I didn’t even know was again having health issues. And it got me thinking.

Now, almost all traditions have some idea of what the afterlife holds for us. It might be going to the Elysium Fields, Valhalla, Heaven, etc. You might believe in reincarnation. You might also be a person that believes that when we die, we just decompose.  Though most of us like to flower it up and believe there is something more after our days of walking in this life time are over.
I thought it would be nice to just take a little stroll through the afterlife options and share my opinion. Not saying in any way that is what you have to believe. But this is MY belief.

Recently I have been working a lot with the Greek pantheon. There are 3 different lands you might go to when you travel across the River Styx. The Elysium Fields, where the people who have more good in their life than sin may roam freely and enjoy the beauty to be found there. Asphodel Fields are where the people who have more sin than good wander, this is also known as the Field of Punishment. Then there is Tartarus where the people who have defied the gods, monsters, and people who were nothing but evil reside and are punished. (Think worse than the movie Little Nicky… though Hitler with the pineapple makes me smile) Those who reside in the Elysium Fields do have the chance, when they are ready, to drink from the River of Forgetting and be reborn.
I like the idea of having a place to rest and basically digest everything that I learned in this life time. R&R is needed in everything that we do. But the concept of being stuck Forever in a place, even as nice as the Elysium Fields, I’d get bored quickly and it would become its own version of torture. Drinking from the River of Forgetting allows us reincarnation. The chance to live again, try something new, learn new skills and feed our souls full of more knowledge.  Though unlike the Greeks, I do not believe we forget everything. Some knowledge stays within us, dormant, until we need it in the next life. Haven’t you every experienced an innate knowing of something? Been taught a concept or idea that just clicked with you and you knew exactly what they were talking about from the get go? Some people are able to recall past lives. For the most part I am just happy knowing that I have been before and I will be again.

Sorry this was the short and sweet version of Greek afterlife. I might go more in depth at another time. But as of right now, I’m exhausted.

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