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Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy Busy: the last month at a glance

So, its been over a month since I have even looked at my blog.
Let me catch you all up with photos...

"It is the first of May'o it is the First of May.
Remember Minnesota, it is the First of May!"

Out in the snow and the cold watching the Mayday Parade.

I added 2 new family members! Equinox and Witch Hazel.

Started up my crafting business. Check out the Briar Patch on facebook for more info!

There was a Catalog shoot for KMK Designs for their spring line.

The Guthrie had a wonderful Costume Ball.

There was a handfasting that I help with for a couple friends of mine.
In the rain.. and the flooding of the lake. :)

And finally this last saturday I had another photoshoot with Photosynthetique and my friend Murphy.

Like I said, busy busy busy!

Next weekend is another Renaissance Festival. I have a good friend of mine from Ohio coming into town. There is the Coven Midsummer. Along with the MSRA Back to the Fifties Show. Bridal shoot. And of course, DANCING!!! I hope to get some of those pictures up soon.

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