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Monday, April 25, 2011

I am a Snake Woman

I am the snake woman. I shed my skin and start anew.
I always try to take a very open stance in everything that I do. Being as diplomatic as I can with different situations in my life is a challenge, but I feel is necessary. Most people think that I am almost too nice and get walked on way too often. I get bullied and pushed around and still manage to smile. I flow with the current, just trying to carve out a little place of my own. But a time of change has come again.
I have been in this change for a couple months now and I think it is time to make it official. I am shedding the skin of the last Crystal and becoming who I truly am in this moment. And I am finding that this transition is actually feeling really good! For I am a person who needs to live in the moment.
I was sitting at home last night, covered in my herd of cats, and an overwhelming sense of peace settled over me. I realized that I’ve been concerned about getting peoples approval about who I am and the actions that I take for so long, that I forgot the joy in who I really am and the life that I have created. Everything became more of a task than actual joy. The teaching that I do was a burden… the people that look to me for advice were frustrating… and life was just work, work, work. But as I was sitting surrounded by my loving cats, my mind flipped. That’s the only way I can describe it. I was once again looking forward to dancing with my beautiful women on Monday. I was relaxed and comfortable sleeping in the middle of my bed. Instead on sleeping on the side and feeling that emptiness behind me.  I am just happy with me!
With the changes that have happened in the last couple months, I have realized how awesome my friends truly are. I find that I am feeling fulfilled without having the stereotypical achievements in my life. True, I am 26, not married and no children. I am ok with that. In this space and time, that is not what I’m looking for to live a fulfilled life. Not saying that that won’t change in the future, but I live in the ebb and flow of life. Right now I can feel a creative rush coming to engulf me. Manifesting in a number of different directions, and I plan on embracing every bit of it! Dancing how the energy moves me. I’m building my coven class courses for my student to find their own inner power. I’m going to even try my hand at vending at Summerland Spirit Festival this year. I plan on going to art shows, musical events, dance, theater, basically anything and everything that sparks my fancy.
I am the snake woman. And I have shed my skin!

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  1. YES! I'm so glad to hear you are embracing life and yourself :) ....and yeah, i hear you on the diplomacy and people thinking you're too nice thing.... i find my self like this as well... but in general, for myself at least, this is the only way to be me.... best of luck m'dear (((HUG)))