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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day in the Life... Wedding Photoshoot

Heading out to Stillwater for a Wedding dress photoshoot for KMK Designs!
I just bairly had my coffee. So I look a little rough right now.

Doing my Makeup for the shoot. Our makeup artist called in sick.
It's a good thing I brought some of my personal stuff with me.

This is Rebecca Alex doing a fantastic job on my hair!

See! I told you... Though my hair decided to fight back and fall out all day.

This head piece is from Samantha the owner of Blasphemina's Closet.

Trying on some beautiful jewelry that my fellow model Sabra brought with.

This is the first outfit from KMK Designs Color Me Lovely Spring Line.
This is the same dress that I wore at the last runway show.

Yes, that is me on a very steep hill.
The other lady up there was our amazing photographer Karrah Kobus.
It was rather hard getting up there without getting the dress all muddy.

"Back stage" photo from Kaitlyn's cell phone.

After the shoot. Sitting at home I look so worn out.
But it was totally worth it because.....

Here are some of the finished photos!!
They make me so proud.
I love when a group of artists are able to come together and create something so beautiful!
Thanks again to KMK Designs, Karrah Kobus, and Rebecca Alex!


  1. You make the dresses look lovely.

  2. Wow! I just stumbled on your blog through Sam Curtin's blog, and I just have to say that these shots are un-freakingbelievable. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. That dress would be nothing without the fabulous model, though.