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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oy Vey

So… Here I go world!
People have been asking me for a LONG time to start a blog.
I don't know how often I will write. I don't know what I'll be writting about.
But you asked for it!

Hi! I'm Crystal :D

The readers digest version of me is:
Single curvy red head (that sounds like a dating ad :P ) with a cat.
I have a very busy life. I’ve been practicing Pagainism for about 13 years now. I’m part of a wonderful coven. I teach classes, help build and run rituals, plan retreats, etc.
I'm also a fire performer and belly dancer; though I haven’t been "lighting up" in the last couple years. Still love the art form. I’ve been dancing ATS with some ladies here in the Twin Cities for 9 months now. I danced Egyptian style over 8 years ago and am falling in love with ATS!
I’m a crafter. I’m a make-up artist. I model for a couple designers… Basically I do whatever calls to me!

This will just be a collection of my life.
Tonights task, popping an Ikea cherry for a friend of mine! Wish me luck!! :D

Bright Blessings


  1. I EXPECT to see some videos of the wonderful dancing and fire performing! How cool is that?

    P.S. Your "I hate that stereo-type that you have to be poor to be pagan" made me roar.

  2. Thank you!!!
    I'll see what I can do able videos. Though that means I need to find someone willing to press the record button. :)