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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loving life!

So, a lot has happened since I last posted. Let me catch you up really quickly!

PAGANICON 2011!!!!!!!
This was the first year that the Minneapolis pagan community decided to extend the normal Pagan Pride weekend into an actual convention. It was hosted at the Double Tree in St Louis Park on March 25th-27th. I can’t talk enough about it.
First off, it was really nice to see my friends from the Chicago and Kansas Pagan Community (though we didn’t really have enough time to talk). The workshops were great! They were not the standard 101 classes like we always seem to have at PP. But they were more advanced and involved. A number of them were also focused on the history of this place we call "Paganistan" and how to improve our community. I saw a lot of main players in the community getting really encouraged with the discussions that we were having and I know we are bringing that back with us. The guest speaker was John Michael Greer, and though I was unable to make any of his workshops, I did have breakfast with him and he is an awesome guy!
Over all I am really looking forward to next year! Just imagine.... a pagan gathering where there is no in fighting, a HUGE dessert buffet, drumming and singing into the night, and NO BUGS!!!!!!! It’s not a dream :)

In this wonderful community of mine we have A LOT of people. So many that even though I seem to be well know in the community, I still don’t know half of them. A couple years ago a friend of mine named Penny decided that we were going to try and remedy this. Hence Witch Sisters Night Out was born. It started off with about 7 of us meeting at the Happy Gnome and enjoying a few drinks and laughs. It has now progressed into a full blown ladies night. The last gathering was on April 8th at Ol' Mexico. We had over 70 people RSVP and say they were going to show up. I was only able to make it for a bit since I was teaching that night. But the crowd was wonderful! I got to see old friends, people that I haven’t seen in over a year, and new friends. (PS the peach 25oz margarita was to die for!) So if you are in the neighborhood and hear about it, I suggest you check it out and get to know your fellow witches!

So I am a plus sized model her in the twin cities. This past Monday April 11th I got to walk in a runway show with one of my favorite designers. KMK Designs is a clothing line that is based in Stillwater, MN. I have worked with them on a number of different projects including catalog as well as runway. This mother and daughter team are the nicest people in the world!!! But anyways, back to the show. It was at the Jungle Theater in uptown. Now, I have never been there before but I highly suggest it since it is a beautiful location! The show went off without a hitch. Their spring line was the most beautiful I've seen. My outfit was AMAZING. I literally walked out on stage and was welcomed by an overwhelming "AWWW!" from the crowd. This is the first time in all the shows that I've done, that I have ever heard that. It put the biggest smile on all our faces and an extra spring in my step! I had such a good time and can’t wait until I get to see all the pictures and video.

Along with all these wonderful gatherings, I’ve had my normal teaching classes, dancing, and general goofing off with my boyfriend. But like I said before… I love my life! <3

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